Fir, Siberica Essential Oil

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Fir, Siberica (Abies siberica)

INGREDIENT IN: LeHoliday Spirit

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antiseptic, antibacterial, deodorant, antitussive, expectorant, astringent, laxative, antispasmodic, analgesic, diuretic, immune stimulant, nervine

AFFINITY FOR: central nervous system, all of the chakras
RESONANCE: physical, emotional
PART UTILIZED: needles (leaves)
EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Fir, siberica is sightly more pungent than the balsamea variety that is described above, but still wonderfully resinous and woodsy. The aroma of fir, siberica is pleasing to both men and women. Men like the conifer oils because they lack any hint of feminine flower aromas. All conifer oils, while very nice applied to the body, are absolutely wonderful when diffused.

APPLICATION: Fir, siberica should be diluted and applied to areas of concern or to the feet.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Conifer trees stand straight and tall with their heads in the clouds of heaven and their feet firmly planted in the earth. They have a tremendous resilience, maintaining their foliage in both summer and winter. In an evergreen tree, the foliage is centered around a central strong and solid center. Conifer trees provide protection for the other residents of the forest. These features tell us much about the use of the essential oils that are distilled from them. They are protecting and grounding and they help us structure our lives around a firm and solid center.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Fir, siberica has a very pleasing aroma. Nevertheless, it is an intense antiseptic and antibacterial. It is a pleasant alternative to tea tree oil in many instances and certainly has a more pleasant aroma.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Fir, siberica can be used almost interchangeably with fir, balsamea.

CAUTIONS: Fir, siberica oil could be a possible skin irritant if used for long periods of time, or when used undiluted.

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