Chamomile, Egyptian Essential Oil

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Chamomile, Egyptian (absolute)
(Matricaria recutita, also called Chamomilla matricaria)

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: The therapeutic uses of the absolute and the distilled oil (explained below under General Information) are similar in many respects. The absolute seems to have a more pronounced effect on hormone balance, but lacks the chamazulene that is a product of distillation. Chamomile Egyptian is calming, analgesic, antispasmodic, antibiotic, emmenagogue, hepatic, and a vulnerary.

AFFINITY FOR: hormones, root chakra, yin energy, emotions, throat chakra, bladder meridian, nerves
RESONANCE: physical, emotional
PLANT FAMILY: Compositae

APPLICATION: Chamomile Egyptian can be applied to the base of the neck, on the temples, and over the liver. Absolutes are very concentrated and should be diluted particularly well.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Chamomile Egyptian absolute has a somewhat different aroma - more "grassy" and herbaceous and less floral - than the distilled essential oil made from the same species that is known as chamomile German. Chamomile Egyptian absolute is a dark sage green, rather than deep blue. Sage green (and viscous) is appropriate for the chamomile absolute, but in the distilled essential oil, the depth of the blue color is an indication of the quality and therapeutic value.

Emotional / Spiritual / Mental / PHYSICAL ASPECTS: The properties and uses of this oil are very similar to chamomile German which is discussed in more detail in the next section. Absolutes need to be evaluated in small quantities to be appreciated. You cannot just open the bottle and take a whiff with an absolute.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Chamomile Egyptian is an absolute made from the same species as the distilled oil marketed as chamomile German. Absolutes are extracted by a complex process using solvents such as alcohol or hexane. The solvent is then effectively removed. Solvent extraction usually results in a more concentrated and complex fragrance than would be obtained by steam distillation. In fact, many plants processed this way cannot be steam distilled due to the small quantity of essential oil in the part of the plant used. This is not true of this chamomile. The steam distilled oil (chamomile German) is a very concentrated and complex essential oil.

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