Anthopogon Essential Oil

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Anthopogon (Rhododendron anthopogon)

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, balsamic, depurative, hepatic, immunostimulant, nervine, restorative, sedative, tonic, antineuralgia, decongestant, nervous system tonic

AFFINITY FOR: immune system, ligaments, bones, skin, digestive system, hair, liver, spleen meridian, all four fire meridians, heart and crown chakras
RESONANCE: physical, emotional
PART UTILIZED: flowers & leaves, wild
EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled
INGREDIENT IN: LeGrateful Heart, LeReconciliation

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Anthopogon has a unique and very appealing fragrance which hangs in the air, becoming softer and more lovely as time passes. It is described as being fresh, green, and balsamic with undertones of vanilla and conifers. I would simply describe it as delightful. It creates a feeling of openness, love, and connection, especially to family members and old friends.

APPLICATION: Anthopogon should be diffused, worn as a perfume, or diluted and applied anywhere on the body.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Anthopogon essential oil is very warming emotionally. It pulls one immediately into a mood of remembering, but with the blessing of a focus on the good times and the good in people. This oil is especially good for people whose lives have carried them far away from home and heritage. Anthopogon, and blends to which it has been added, are important and amazing oils for loss or bereavement of any kind.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Perhaps anthopogon's most important characteristic in the physical realm is on the immune system. It has been used in Nepal for various types of blood disorders and systemic infections for a very long time. The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Padova in Italy has done extensive research as well as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry on this essential oil. Their results, published in a renowned scholarly scientific journal which targets important new discoveries, claim that anthopogon essential oil reduced cancer cell growth in all types of cells tested, using varying treatment protocols and varying concentrations of essential oil. The cancers anthopogon was tested against were ovarian, cervical, and colon-certainly three of the deadliest and fastest moving cancers known. The research team speculated that the high pinene content was responsible, at least in part, for this action. This is truly important new research!

Anthopogon was also shown effective against candida, e-coli, and several other strains of bacteria. Anthopogon is a stimulant essential oil, with a particular affinity for the liver and digestive system. It can stimulate appetite during illness or convalescence. This oil is useful for gouty arthritic conditions. It is strongly anti-inflammatory when applied to fibrous tissues, ligaments, and joints.

In Nepal, where anthopogon has been used for many years, it is considered a symbol of balance in the fire meridian. Anthopogon's therapeutic properties certainly indicate that it affects this meridian in all of its aspects; physically, mentally, and emotionally. It relieves headaches, backaches, and joint and muscle pains that were brought about by excesses of some kind (over-the-top activity or consumption of food and drink). This oil is of great benefit to people whose illnesses are aggravated by windy or stormy conditions.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Anthopogon is the national symbol of Nepal, where it is used in meditation and healing.


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